9/10/2020 Update

Dear Colleagues,

This has been an incredibly difficult and even heartbreaking beginning to the school year. I think that all of us educators and school personnel will look back on the hard work we are doing now with pride, but that does not make it easy right now. In the meantime, the union wants to once again extend an offer of support, and give some updates on some information that has come up over the last few weeks.

Fires: It is devastating to witness the destruction to one of Oregon’s most beautiful areas, especially since so many of our members call this river home. Our hearts go out to those who are affected. Each year, LCEA sets aside a small amount of funds to support members in need. If you know of a member that is experiencing hardship as a result of the fires, kindly contact us.

Leave/Work from Home Accommodations: Assistant Superintendent Carol Knobbe will be sending out written remote work agreements soon. She is currently operating on the assumption that all employees with an accommodation are feeling clear and confident in their understanding of the arrangement. We know that is not necessarily the case. If you have any questions about leave or accommodations, please contact her: cknobbe@lesd.k12.or.us.

Westmoreland Campus: We are working with admin to ensure the deficiencies in sanitation and HVAC at the Westmoreland Campus are addressed.

Taxes: Lane ESD is planning on NOT participating in the payroll tax deferral to avoid reduction in take-home pay next year when it comes time to collect the deferred funds. 

More Taxes: Most, if not all, employees did not have taxes withheld from their Workshare payments due to an error on the part of the unemployment department. Unfortunately, this means that employees will be responsible for prudently budgeting this money in preparation for next tax season.

As always, if you have any questions for us, or issues that you would like us to address to the administration, please reach out. Good luck everybody, and take care.