Bylaws update

A number of proposed changes to the LCEA Bylaws were approved by the LCEA Board on June 9, 2020.

UPDATE and CLARIFICATION: Per Bylaws Article XI, this post serves as a 30-day notice to the membership of amendments to the Bylaws. Any member is welcome to provide feedback on the proposed changes. If after 30 days there is no feedback resulting in a re-consideration of the proposed changes, the Bylaws will be amended with the changes proposed.

Among the proposed changes are:

  • LCEA officers serve for two-years and are elected on offsetting years to ensure continuity of leadership. (Article IX.C.1)
  • Creation of a Board Administration Committee to manage the software and technology systems that support communication to members, elections coordination, management of the LCEA website and Google domain, and other duties as assigned by the President or Vice-President. (Article VIII.A.4.)
  • Defined stipend amount for joint committees members. (Article VIII.B.)