2020-2021 Board Election Update

On June 9th, the LCEA Board approved the results of the LCEA Board elections for school year 2020-2021, with one qualification: The position of Treasurer will remain vacant. The ballot had included a write-in option for the Board to consider appointing someone to the position, but the Board has opted to make that appointment at a later time or to possibly hold a special election to fill the role. In the interim, responsibilities of the Treasurer will be assumed by Secretary Christina Okesson.

Congratulations to the incoming LCEA Board members, who will begin their terms August 1st.

Thank you to departing board members Lisa Blain, Jeri Ingallinero, Tara Smith, Arin Terwilliger, and Cameron Yee for their past years of service.

Election Results


Co-President, Classified (Term ends July 2022)

  • Michael Stockdale

Vice-President (Term ends July 2022)

  • Stuart Rush

Treasurer (Term ends July 2022)

  • Vacant – See explanation above.


Instructional Assistants

  • Rhonda Brown
  • Catherine Burke-Maher
  • Rob Stacy
  • Alyana Woods


  • Linden Aitken
  • Maj Bonnett
  • Teagan Wynne

Service Areas

  • LaRae Akin
  • John Velkinburg


OEA Representative Assembly (Term ends July 2023)

  • Sarah Apker
  • Tara Smith
  • John Velkinburg

NEA Representative Assembly (Term ends July 2021)

  • Sarah Apker
  • Niels Pasternak
  • John Velkinburg