About Us

The Lane County Education Association (LCEA) is the bargaining unit of the Lane Education Service District (ESD) and a local affiliate of the Oregon Education Association (OEA) and National Education Association (NEA).

LCEA is a type of labor union that could not be formed today. Under current state law, licensed professionals and education support professionals (AKA “classified employees”) must form separate unions and therefore bargain for separate contracts and benefits. Instead, LCEA is a “wall-to-wall” unit representing both types of positions. This sometimes presents unique challenges as we try to represent the breadth of member concerns and needs, but ultimately it gives us greater unity and bargaining power as an association.

Contacting Us

Come to an Executive Board meeting and let us know what’s important to you. Thirty minutes at the beginning of every meeting is reserved for public and member participation. Please refer to the meeting schedule for dates, time, and location.

If you prefer to send us a written message, just fill out the contact form.